luni, 11 februarie 2008

vet la 10 ani-Courtnety Oliver

uluitor,la 10 ani sa ai deja diploma de asistent veterinar... uite ca da... se poate...copiii sunt mai atenti si mai constiinciosi decat adultii.. copiii nu uita ora la care isi hranesc papusile si nu se scandalizeaza sa-si umple patul cu animalute...stiu sa le vorbeasca pe limba lor, adica vorbesc din inima...

Courtnety Oliver it`s an amazing girl. At his age, she has finished the necessary college program to become a veterinary assistant.

OLYMPIA - Veterinarians at a local clinic are amazed that one of their assistants can do the work she’s doing, given her unique situation.
Ten-year-old Courtney Oliver just completed her college work for this occupation. She now holds an on-line certification as a veterinary assistant. In eight months, Courtney had the same certification as her adult co-workers.
Source: komotv

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